Wright Brothers Cycle Works has been serving the Seattle cycling community since 1974.  We are a unique bike shop, not only handling the repairs of every day commuters but also cyclocross, road racing, offroad, and randonneurs.  (Sorry, we are not an authorized Huffy or Murray service center.)  We also sell common and hard-to-find bike parts and accessories.

Wright Brothers features a co-op workshop space and three levels of bike repair classes.  For details on co-op membership, call or stop by the shop during business hours.

Want to be in a class?  New classes for 2017 are being scheduled right now.  A Fall Basic Class is scheduled and ready to be pre-paid. Classes are on a first come, first served basis.


The rental cost to live and work in Seattle also effects small businesses, not to mention the higher labor costs too. Fortunately at Wright Bros. Cycle Works we own the building and it is paid for. Unfortunately, at least 7 bicycle shops have closed down for various reasons in the last 3 years, higher rents being some of the factors. The shops that can stay in Seattle are experiencing a higher than normal workload than in the past. All the shops are doing the best they can in this new economic minefield of Seattle's socio-economic experiment.

Sign up on a waitlist for a class this Autumn! A Basic Maintenance Class or a Bearing Maintenance Class. Call to leave your name on a list for the class you want to sign up for.

KUOW's 'Weekday' radio show on June 22, 2006 featured bicycles, bicycle commuting, and the Solstice Parade with our own Charles Hadrann. Listen to a stream of the show at KUOW, or download the RM (13mb) or MP3 (30mb).


Closed Mondays and Holidays.
10:30am – 7:00pm  Tuesday – Thursday.
10:30am – 5:00pm  Friday – Sunday.

206 633 5132